Tom Turvey Snr

Roland, there was nearly a full house of Caboolture Interns, some registrars an ED Consultant as well to say farewell. As Andrew below stated, a true and just testimony for a remarkable man.

As the stories were told,I could just see you moving to the right to make a speccy catch on the left as a wicketkeeper. Or better still the story of you on the surf board messing up some poor Asians fishing off the peer. There were many tears, but I believe we celebrated your extraordinary life. The strongest theme though was your absolute support and encouragement for your family and friends. I count it as a genuine highlight in my life meeting and working with you, let alone the honour of calling you my friend! The world is a sadder place without you, but I thank God we were fortunate to have spent some time with you albeit too short. Doc Tombo