1. 1st date- disaster. Roly tried to apologize in the library and to make up for it by offering to be my standardized patient for study. When I looked at him suspiciously, he said “No, no, you porno! Like, history- taking!”


  1. Baby carrots: I had just moved from Canada, where a major staple food of mine had been snacking on pre-peeled cut carrots available in all grocery stores. I mentioned to Roly in passing how much I missed them. He arrives (unannounced, quite typical) with Eliza and Ruby, back from market. Ruby had a bunch of small sized regular carrots she presents to me, exclaiming, “they’re organic!” Eliza had a bouquet of flowers behind her back for me as well. Then the three ventured off to see the penguins (in Australia??). Never a cuter trio.


  1. Carrot story #2: Roly was taking me to dinner as a surprise, we drove high up a small, winding road, way above Flinders Uni. Gorgeous. And wayyyy to fancy for me /us- everyone was dressed to the nines, and there’s Roly in “boardies” and thongs, and me in jeans and a singlet. The waitress looked genuinely surprised at us and Rols was completely oblivious. He urged me to check out the appetizers, and on the menu it actually had a dish called ‘glazed baby carrots’. Man, the look on his face: he was so proud. I still wonder how he found that.


  1. Roly showed me my 1st roo, 1st platypus, 1st wombat, and many other 1st bizarre- looking Australian animals I certainly can’t remember now.


  1. His snoring. Wow, shocking.


  1. Roly showed me Australia.
    • East coast trip visit his brother and grandparents in Brisbane. Then traveling down the Gold coast, after a pit stop in the incredible Coochie Island, where the poor man slept 22 hours a day (post 2nd year exams), while I got incredibly fit running and bringing him back little shells from my solo beach excursions.
    • While driving down the Gold Coast one afternoon, Roly enthused for hours on end about the largest burger in Australia (the world?). He just kept on and on and on and on about it, I remember being amazed at how long someone could discuss a burger, and with such intense passion. When we arrived, I had trouble keeping up with him as he ran into the legendary restaurant, and… the kitchen was closed. He fell down on his knees, head in his hands- after denial, it was complete devastation and grief. I tried to cheer him up by buying him the “2nd largest burger” around the corner, which he tried to be cheerful about, but we both knew…
    • Our trip ended in Byron, where he realized it was schoolie’s week only as we were driving into the town. Roly was horrified. “No, I can’t do it, I won’t”. Not realizing what schoolie’s week was, I cajoled him, so excited to be in Byron Bay with all the hippies. Our little motel room was between a large group of schoolie’s: guys room on one side, girls on the other. As we were walking up the stairs, the ‘Thong Song’ was blasting earth-shatteringly loud, I cracked up seeing the the look on poor Roly’ face.
    • That first evening in Byron we opened a bottle of wine and sat on the porch to enjoy a romantic early evening drink. Suddenly a half-clothed, intoxicated young lady was scaling the side of our balcony trying to get to her room, as she lost her key. Roly’s face again was priceless. He said he’d deal with her as I went to get us some snacks from the store. When I returned he was entrenched in a solid deep and meaningful with her about her aspirations of pursuing physiotherapy, and that her boyfriend troubles would resolve themselves with some patience. Roly told me we were “toolies” and I thought “cool! We have a name!”


  1. NT expedition: outback adventure road trip from Adelaide to Darwin. Amazing.
  1. MOST MEMORABLE: drinks with Dan and Jess on their back patio, hands-down favorite memory. Don’t know how to describe further but I loved them, loved Eliza & Ruby, loved their home. A little safe haven from medical school.


Best hugger, most insightful conversationalist, remarkably hilarious. His brain, his care for others, his enthusiastic approach to life. Roly got me through a tough year with continuous support and affection, hugs, impromptu arrivals at my door, and those patio beers.