Mt Rols – Kara & Paul

Rolando…. On this day last year, Kara and I snapped this photo while travelling Tasmania on our way to Cradle Mountain. Our intention was to send it to you when we got back to the mainland.. It is ‘Mount Roland’…

We may not have named our child Roland (as you ever so frequently ‘recommended’), but we did at least find you a namesake mountain..

Who was to know only 5 days after us taking this picture, we got the sinking phone call telling us you were gone. Since then I haven’t really known what to do with it. It feels like an undelivered letter… So on the anniversary of taking the snap, I’ve decided it’s better to send it late… rather than never….

Here is your mountain Rols… It is, (as I’m sure you told many a lady) actually far more impressive in real life than the photo does it justice…

We miss you big guy.

Paul & Kara.